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Our Sunday Worship Services serve as the "front door" of our church. While parents, grandparents or guardians have the option of allowing their children to experience the Kidz Worship program, people of all ages are welcome to participate in the main worship gathering. We are committed to making our worship services a relatable, enjoyable and non-intimidating space where you and yours can encounter God. Our desire is to remove any barriers or obstacles to understanding or participating in worship. There is no pressure whatsoever to participate. We would simply be honored by the fact that you chose to join us! 

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Our Kidz Worship program coincides with our main worship gathering. Our kidz meet in our awesome Kidz Ministry space located in the downstairs portion of the facility. We have 3 different, age-appropriate Kidz Worship venues (Ages 3-4, K-Grade 1 and Grades 2-5). Each group meets in a separate, creatively designed room. All venues have a teacher and a helper. All Kidz Worship teachers and volunteers have received national and state-wide background checks. Our Sunday Kidz Worship program includes practical teaching, singing and fun activities. We believe growing in faith should be fun! 

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The EWC Nursery is located on the main floor; only a short distance from the main worship space. Similar to Kidz Worship, families have the option of bringing their little ones and infants to the worship service or letting our caring nursery workers watch over and have fun with them in the bright and cheerful nursery. The nursery is a safe space with plenty of fun, regularly-cleaned toys for your children to play with. We have a great team of committed nursery workers. Two workers serve in the nursery each Sunday so as to provide quality care for every child. Similar to our Kidz Ministry leadership, each worker has received a national and state-wide background checks. We'd love to host your children in the nursery as you participate in our services. 

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 Journey Groups are ultimately environments for deeper study, learning, encouragement and prayer. We place a big priority on challenging people to grow in their faith and build relationships with one another within and among a smaller group of people. We have groups for kidz, teenagers and adults. All meet at the same time. We also provide nursery care during this hour as well. We have a great group of leaders that passionately desire to lead environments where people can study and openly discuss matters of faith and life. If you are looking to grow spiritually, we highly encourage you and yours to plug into a Journey Group. 

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The Women's Ministry of EWC is designed to be a context where women can connect and encourage one another. The leadership of the Women's Ministry is committed to nurturing women in their faith and helping them build enriching relationships with one another. Monthly gatherings and other special events are consistently hosted. Women of all ages are invited to participate. This is a prime group to meet and develop relationships with women who come from different walks and stages of life. 

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The Men's Ministry is yet another great ministry group at EWC. The Men's Ministry is open to men of all ages. Monthly breakfasts are typically hosted the third Saturday of every month. In addition to monthly breakfasts, the Men's Ministry also promotes and attends the yearly "Iron Sharpen Iron" Equipping Conference ( which is hosted throughout New England. The Men's Ministry is devoted to providing an authentic environment where men can connect, support and encourage one another as they seek to grow in their faith.